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2019-03-25 Good News! ICMAE basic information-call for special session and tutorial flyer are available to download here.
2018-12-21 Good News! The conference proceedings 2018 has been indexed byEI and SCOPUS successfully in three months after online.
2018-11-04 Good News! Downlaod call for paper flyer. (Click)

2018-10-24 Good News!ICMAE 2019 is to be held in Brussels, Belgium during July 22-25, 2019. Call for papers now. (Click)
2018-09-26 Good News!ICMAE 2018 Conference Proceedings has been online within three month after the conference. Check more information below:
2018-06-17 News! News! ICMAE 2018 conference agenda is available to download here. (Click)
2018-05-18 News! Welcome professor Ramesh K. Agarwal, University in St. Louis, USA, IEEE Fellow join the conference and make keynote speech.
2018-05-17 News! Express our special gratitude to Slovak Organisation for Space Activities for promotion: http://kozmonautika.sk/2018/01/20/pozvanka-na-konferenciu-icmae-2018/
2018-05-17 News! Express our special gratitude to Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies for promotion: https://kppvt.fvt.tuke.sk/#novinky
2017-03-26 News! Express our special gratitude to University of Tunis EL Manar for promotion: http://www.ipeiem.rnu.tn/fra/articles/423/2018-the-9th-international-conference-on-mechanical-and-aerospace-engineering
2017-02-03 News! Express our special gratitude to Eotvos Lorand University for promotion: https://www.inf.elte.hu/content/9th-international-conference-on-mechanical-and-aerospace-engineering.e.765
2018-01-10 News! Express our special gratitude to Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences for promotion: http://imechanica.org/node/21852
2017-12-28 Good News! ICMAE 2017 has been indexed by EI and SCOPUS successfully within three months after online.
2017-10-10 News! ICMAE 2018 will be held in Budapest during July 10-13, 2018. Welcome your join.(Submit now)
2017-09-15 Good News! The conference proceeding of ICMAE 2017 has been online within two months. Here enclose the online web for you to browse more details HERE.

ICMAE Previous News

2017-7-28, ICMAE 2017 was held in the Czech Technical University successfully. More than 250 participants join and share the latest research.
2017-02-16, ICMAE 2017 will take place at Masaryk Dormitory of the Czech Technical University in Prague
2016-11-29, Proceedings of ICMAE 16 indexed by EI and SCOPUS.
2016-10-10, ICMAE 2017 will take palce at Prague,Czech Republic, hope to meet you there.
2016-9-1, ICMAE 2016 conference proceedings published by IEEE has been included in IEEE Xplore
2016-7-30,  ICMAE 2016 conference closed at London, UK, Around 150 delegates joined us this year again. Apprecitation goes to the conference committee, editor, reviewers and all the participants. Conference Photos here. We look forward to welcoming you in 2017.
2016-06-28, News! Please download the conference program(click)
2016-05-07,Good News! ICMAE 2017 Conference had been listed in Sciencemeeting online, which is run by the Chinese Ministry of Education.
2016-04-21, News! Attention please! The registration deadline for tutorial on July 21-22 is May 10, 2016. Onsite registration is not acceptable.(click)
2016-04-21, News! As requested, the submission deadline extended to March 10, 2017-firm deadline. The notification will be no later than May 30, ICMAE 2017 conference proceedings will be published by IEEE. (click)
2016-02-24, News!ICMAE 2017 conference extended to 5 days, check the program now. (click)
2016-02-04, News!The Conference Hotel is: Strand Palace Hotel, which locats in the Heart of Central London. (click)
2016-02-01, News! Prof.Alexander M. Korsunsky will join the conference and give a keynote speech on "Mechanical microscopy studies of aerospace materials" (click)
2016-01-21, Good News! Selected and registered papers of ICMAE 2017 will be published by IEEE Conference Publication.
2015-11-17, News! Prof.Alexander M. Korsunsky, fellow of Trinity College Oxford, Chief editor of Materials & Design Journal (Elsevier), serves the advisory chair of ICMAE conference. He might give a keynote speech at the conference.(click)
2015-11-05, Good News! Proceedings of ICMAE 2015 had been online. (click)
2015-10-31, News,ICMAE 2017 conference website updated, we are looking forward to meeting you in London next year.
2015-10-31, News, ICMAE 2017 Calls for abstract is open now..
2015-07-28, News,More than 140 delegates this year joined July 16-17 Rome conference, thanks for all the support from committee,sponsors and delegates. More conference photos will be updated on 2016 website, which will be updated very soon. We are looking forward to meeting you again!
2015-06-17, NewsPlease download the conference program.
2015-05-22, News! Prof.Guido Colasurdo from Flight Mechanics at Universita di Roma "Sapienza" will give the keynote speech at ICMAE 2015 conference. (read more)
2015-04-30, News! The conference hotel is: Starhotels Metropole. (read more)
2015-04-10, News! The last call for paper extended to May 5th, 2015.
2015-03-23, News! Welcome Prof. Onder TURAN and Dr. D Ison to join the conference committee. (click)
2015-01-19, Good News! Proceeding of ICMAE 2014 had been indexed by Scopus. (click)
2014-10-30, Good News!Only 3 months after the conference, proceeding of ICMAE 2014 had been indexed by Ei. (click)

ICMAE 2010-2018

ICMAE 2018

10-13 July 2018 | Budapest, Hungary ISBN:978-1-5386-7228-0 | IEEE

ICMAE 2017

22-25 July 2017 | Prague,Czech ISBN:978-1-5386-3305-2 | IEEE

ICMAE 2016

18-22July 2016 | London, UK ISBN:978-1-4673-8828-3 | IEEE

ICMAE 2015

16-17July 2015 | Rome, Italy ISBN:978-3-03835-523-6 | TTP

ICMAE 2014

18-20July 2014 | Madrid, Spain ISBN:978-3-03835-223-5 | TTP

ICMAE 2013

20-21July 2013 | Moscow, Russia ISBN: 978-3-03785-833-2 | TTP

ICMAE 2012

7-8July 2012 | Paris, France ISBN:978-3-03785-514-0 | TTP

ICMAE 2011

29-31July | Bangkok, Thailand ISBN:978-3-03785-262-0 | TTP

ICMAE 2010

26-28 November | Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

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