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22-25 July 2017 | Prague,Czech Republic

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to the 8th International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (ICMAE) that this year is held in the beautiful and historic city of Prague in the Czech Republic. I would like to thank our host institution, Palacky University, Czech Republic, ect, for their support and assistance in planning to ensure it is our most successful conference to date. It is fitting to be in a city of culture that has seen its share of difficulties with politics and education over hundreds of years.

During its time the conference has been held on a truly global scale from Thailand to Madrid, London and Moscow with Rome and other centers of academic excellence. In these years there have been over 400 submissions, not all accepted as we maintain a robust academic proof reading process.

The website now included a useful guide on presentation tips for those that are relatively new to conference proceedings. At ICMAE we pride ourselves on supporting young, new and developing researchers and scientists. Every session is chaired my skilled academics to ensure the sessions run smoothly and questions are appropriate not negative. The repeat presenters are a testament to our commitment for quality and erudite work.

A city tour is available and for those of you that have never visited the city it is a must. The architecture is outstanding and not to be missed. If interested please book early to help the organizers plan ahead. I can from personal experience say it is a safe and enjoyable city and the bars, squares and river are a delight to see at night.

I look forward to meeting you individually and enjoying the presented research. Support the conference organizers by keeping to timings and directions. Let us make this the best so far and build on the excellent history.

Prof. Ian R. McAndrew PhD FRAeS


Conference Secretary
Renne Gao

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