ICMAE solicits original, unpublished and novel papers for research publication and presentation in research track, and industry/application papers in application track. Articles in all areas of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering are of interest, including the following:

Track 1: Electronic systems

Circuit analysis and design
Analog and digital circuits
High-frequency electronic technology and measurement
Microcomputer and single-chip applications
Integrated circuit design and systems integration
Electromagnetic field and microwave technology
Vacuum electronic technology
Microelectronics manufacturing engineering
Avionics monitoring, maintenance, and system design

Track 3: Sensors and sensing systems

Sensor principle and application
Sensor and detection technology
Novel sensor and material development
Sensor technology and features
Sensor manufacturing and new technology applications
Wireless sensor network technology and applications

Track 5: Mechatronics and automation systems

Motor and electrical equipment
Electromechanical control technology
Electrical and electronic technology
Microelectronic technology and design
Mechanical design and manufacturing engineering
Modern automatic production equipment
CNC machine tool and fault diagnosis and maintenance
Mechatronics technology and product design
Electrical engineering and automation

Track 2: Control systems and automation

Control theory and engineering
Automatic control theory and foundation
Detection, guidance, and control technology
Measurement and control technology and instruments
Automation system engineering
Pattern recognition and intelligent systems
Automation equipment and systems
Intelligent control technology and application
Industrial process control and simulation
Application of automation control technology in aerospace
Monitoring systems and fault diagnosis

Track 4: Navigation and positioning systems

Aircraft navigation and positioning technology
Radar detection and imaging technology
Satellite communication and space communication
Aviation navigation systems and new technologies
Synthetic aperture radar technology
Navigation guidance and control
Satellite ground station and satellite navigation
UAV and remote sensing technology
Wireless communication and signal processing

Track 6: Aerospace science and technology

Aerospace propulsion theory and engineering
Aircraft design and manufacturing
Flight mechanics and control
Rocket theory and design
Flight driving and control technology
Emerging avionics technology
Man-machine and environmental engineering
Airport operation and management
Transportation and management engineering

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