ICMAE Awards


The recipient of the following Awards will receive a certificate of recognition and a prize. These awards aims to encourage presenters, special session organizers, committee members to deliver high-quality presentations, to recognize their efforts in contributing to the success of the conference. The selection process will be fair and impartial, and the decision of organizing committees will be final. We hope that these awards will motivate presenters, special session organizers, committee members to strive for excellence and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Outstanding Contribution Award


Outstanding Contribution Award is given to an organizing committee member who has made a significant contribution to the ICMAE 2024.

Outstanding Organizing Award


Outstanding Organizing Award is presented to an special session chair who organize the special session well and make great contributions to ICMAE 2024.

Outstanding Review Award


Outstanding Review Award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise in reviewing submissions for the conference. These individuals have provided insightful and constructive feedback, contributing to the overall quality of the conference proceedings.

Young Scientist Awards

  • Everyone under the age of 40 by July 30 with a doctoral degree is eligible for the Best Young Scientist Award.
  • Applications can be submitted after registration. The applicant must provide up to 2 representative publications and a full CV for the judges to review. All publications need to include impact factor, citation, and major research contributions.
  • Two researchers will be selected by the TPC during the conference.
  • The deadline for award applications is June 15, 2024.
  • Please send your application to secretary@icmae.org.

Best Paper Award

  • During the review process, all nominations will be selected and grouped into a few key areas
  • Papers nominated in the same key area will be presented together in the same session.

Best Student Paper Award

  • The first author of the paper should be a registered university student.
  • Only full papers submissions which are presented at the conference will be considered.

Best Oral / Poster Presentation Award


  • Best Oral Presentation: for oral preenters only. Session chairs will select the best one for every session according to the originality, applicability, Technical Merit, PPT and English.
  • Best Poster Presentation Award: for poster presenters only. Best poster presentation will be selected by all delegates.

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